Robert S. Greenberg

Robert Greenburg, MD

Robert S. Greenberg, MD, CMO of BLOCKsynop, is co-inventor of the Neural Blockade Monitor (NBM). He will guide the clinical perspective and critical interface requirements for NBM, identifying relevant clinical components of the technology. Dr. Greenberg is a senior pediatric anesthesiologist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, having trained in pediatrics, anesthesiology, critical care medicine, and pediatric anesthesiology. He has a long history of experience in innovation development and investigation in medicine, with particular focus areas in anesthesia airway device designs (cuffed oropharyngeal airway, COPA), noninvasive fetal monitoring (abdominal fetal ECG and uterine monitoring), minimally invasive blood flow measurement in the brain and kidney (UltraCBF), informatics (Pain Management Systems), and systems logistics (remote anesthesia, critical airway, and enterprise anesthesia supply systems, disaster management). The BLOCKsynop noninvasive neural blockade monitoring technology (a collaborative work with Dr. Sternberger) grew out of bedside experience and challenges caring for children at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Dr. Greenberg is interested in a variety of clinical topics regarding clinical care and education; his focus relates more to practical, cost-effective, and efficient patient care processes rather than basic science trivia or minutia. He stresses rational organizational skills, systematic approaches towards problem-solving, simple yet effective clinical techniques, and an appreciation of both high and low technology patient management skills.

His experience providing anesthesia overseas either for elective pediatric procedures or emergency disaster response complements his expertise as an airplane and helicopter pilot and offers a great balance to his practice as a yoga instructor. Each presents a different perspective and a certain degree of mindfulness and presence.