Our Team

Wayne Sternberger

Wayne Sternberger, CTO of BLOCKsynop, is the co-inventor of the Neural Blockade Monitor (NBM).  He will be full-time lead for the design and development effort, providing legacy insights and subject matter expertise in completing the design and performance evaluation.

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Robert Greenburg, MD

Robert S. Greenberg, MD, CMO of BLOCKsynop, is co-inventor of the Neural Blockade Monitor (NBM). He will guide the clinical perspective and critical interface requirements for NBM, identifying relevant clinical components of the technology.

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Shari Sternberger

Shari Sternberger is the President/CEO of BLOCKsynop where she focuses on the support and growth of the team, organization, and product line. Her current responsibilities center on logistics and vendor identification and will evolve and expand as BLOCKsynop grows and matures.


Ellyn Murphy

Ellyn Murphy is Senior VP, Marketing at BLOCKsynop where she leads the research, analysis, and implementation of clinician needs, solution marketing, market sizing, competitive framework, communication, and publicity. 

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Monitoring patient's vital sign in operating room. doctor cheking at patient's vital signs. Cardiogram monitor during surgery in operation room.