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For Clinicians

Characterization of Infant Spinal Anesthesia Using Surface Electromyography: An Observational Study

Samuel J Aldous BS, Dylan T Casey BS, Michael DeSarno MS, Emmett E Whitaker MD, FAAP

“Historically, the clinical characteristics of these anesthetic techniques have been described subjectively, and no study has objectively characterized infant Spinal anesthesia (SA) versus caudal epidural anesthesia (CEA). Surface electromyography (sEMG) is a safe, inexpensive, and non-invasive method to study the behavior of neural blockade. The goal of this observational study was to objectively define the rate of onset, maximum effect, and duration of infant SA versus CEA using continuous sEMG.”

Published in Pediatric Anesthesia, October 2023
presentations at:
International Anesthesia Society of Research Annual Meeting, Denver, CO April 13-14, 2023
Association of University Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, April 14-16, 2023

Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Scientific Exhibit of the BLOCKsynop Neural Blockade Monitor

American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Mtg – ASA21
San Diego, October 8-12, 2021 and virtual

Presented by:
Philip Carullo MD, Tricia Vecchione MD, Jessica George MD, Wayne Sternberger PhD, and Robert Greenberg MD


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Objective Monitoring of Regional Blockade in Children

Robert S. Greenberg, MD

SPA Annual Conference Pediatric Anesthesiology 2021

February 25, 2021


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